JVA Oldenburg

»Oldenburg is the only film festival in the world that lists a correctional facility as a regular screening venue, allowing cinema-loving prisoners to enjoy films alongside festivalgoers. (No escape attempts have been made to date.)«

MovieMaker Magazin, The 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World


Oldenburg is the only festival in the world which annually screens part of its regular program in an actual prison environment. The concept behind this is not only to offer the inmates a unique cultural experience but also to offer the general public a glimpse into the daily routines of prison life while sharing the common language of film. The festivals aims to raise awarness of incarcerated individuals and build bridges between their world and the outside, as upon their release back into society we will all be neighbors.


Due to the COVID-19-restrictions there will be no public screenings in the JVA Oldenburg this year. Nonetheless parts of the program will be available for the inmates, as it is very important to us to keep up the cooperation.